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Freenode User Modes

User Modes


/mode <nickname> <+/-> <mode(s)>

The nickname stands for the nick that you are using at the time.
You can only set/unset your own user modes.


+i   +g   +w   +D   +Q   +R   +Z


-Designates this client 'invisible'.

This prevents you from appearing in global WHO/WHOIS by normal users, and hides which channels you are on. It is strongly recommended that you set this umode.

/mode <yournickname> +i
/umode +i


-Only allow accept clients to message you.

You can set this umode to prevent you from receiving private messages from anyone not on a session-defined whitelist. Use this umode if you have problems with volumes of spam via private message. The content of the whitelist can be controlled using the '/accept' command. When a user not on the whitelist attempts to contact you, you will receive a notice informing you of the fact and you can then use '/accept user' to speak to them. '/accept' with no parameters will print the whitelist.

/mode <yournickname> +g
/umode +g

See wallops.

-Can see oper wallops.

This umode lets you see the wallops announcement system. Important network messages will be sent out via global notices; this is only for non-critical announcements and comments which may be of interest.

/mode <yournickname> +w
/umode +w


-Ignores all channel messages.

This prevents you from receiving channel messages. You will probably not want to set this in most cases.

/mode <yournickname> +D
/umode +D

No forwarding.

-Prevents you from being affected by channel forwarding.

This umode prevents you from being forwarded to another channel because of channel mode +f (see below) or by a ban (see +b). Instead of being forwarded to another channel, you'll be given a message as to why you could not join.

/mode <yournickname> +Q
/umode +Q

Block unidentified.

-Prevents non accept unidentified users from messaging you.

This umode prevents users who are not identified to nickserv from sending you private messages. It is suggested that you might want to temporarily set this umode if you suffer problems with unidentified users sending you unwanted messages.

/mode <yournickname> +R
/umode +R

Connected via SSL.

-Is connected via SSL (cannot be set or unset).

You will have this umode if you connect to freenode using SSL.

changed February 10, 2012