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/helpop <command>

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Helpop Chmodes

List of all the Channel Modes which are available for use:

+b +i +n +t +C +M +R
+c +k +p +u +G +N +S
+e +l +r +z +K +O +T
+f     +m     +s     +A     +L     +Q     +V

This section lists all of the possible channel modes that may be used with /mode


/mode <channel> +/- mode(s)

To see the current modes set for your channel type:

/mode <channel>

v nickname = Gives Voice to the user (May talk if chan is +m)
h nickname = Gives HalfOp status to the user (Limited op access)
o nickname = Gives Operator status to the user
a nickname = Gives Channel Admin to the user
q nickname = Gives Owner status to the user

[h] requires at least halfop, [o] requires at least chanop, [q] requires owner


/mode <channel> +b nick!user@host

Bans the nick!ident@host from the channel [h]


/mode <channel> +c

Block messages containing mIRC color codes [o]


/mode <channel> +e nick!user@host

Overrides a ban for matching users [h]


/mode <channel> +f [*] lines:seconds

Flood protection [o]

(Users will be kicked after saying lines in seconds and banned if * is specified).


/mode <channel> +i

A user must be invited to join the channel [h]


/mode <channel> +k key

Users must specify key to join [h]


/mode <channel> +l number of max users

Channel may hold at most number of users [o]


mode <channel> +m

Moderated channel (only +vhoaq users may speak) [h]


/mode <channel> +n

Users outside the channel may not send messages to it.


/mode <channel> +p

Private channel [o]


/mode <channel> +r

The channel is registered (settable by services only)


mode <channel> +s

Secret Channel [o]


/mode <channel> +t

Only +hoaq may change the topic [h]


/mode <channel> +u

Auditorium mode (/names and /who #channel only show channel ops) [q]


/mode <channel> +z

Only Clients on a Secure Connection (SSL) can join [o]


/mode <channel> +A

Server/Net Admin only channel (settable by Admins)


/mode <channel> +C

No CTCPs allowed in the channel [o]


/mode <channel> +G

Filters out all Bad words in messages with <censored> [o]


/mode <channel> +K

/KNOCK is not allowed [o]


/mode <channel> +L chan2

Channel link (If +l is full, the next user will auto-join chan2) [q]


/mode <channel> +M

Must be using a registered nick (+r) to talk [o]


/mode <channel> +N

No Nickname changes are permitted in the channel [o]


/mode <channel> +O

IRC Operator only channel (settable by IRCops)


/mode <channel> +Q

No kicks allowed [o]


/mode <channel> +R

Only registered (+r) users may join the channel [o]


/mode <channel> +S

Strips mIRC color codes [o]


/mode <channel> +T

No NOTICEs allowed in the channel [o]


/mode <channel> +V

/INVITE is not allowed [o]

changed February 10, 2012