xchat-gnome != XChat

xchat-gnome is NOT XChat


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xchat-gnome and XChat are two different programs.

xchat-gnome is a stripped version of the original XChat with less features and only the most common settings included (KISS principle).

For help and documentation about xchat-gnome please check xchat-gnome's website and/or ask your questions in channel #xchat-gnome on Freenode - irc.freenode.net


You are using xchat-gnome but you rather like to use the original XChat?
Follow the instructions on how to install XChat below.
For help and documentation please check XChat's website and/or ask your questions in #xchat on Freenode - irc.freenode.net

How to get XChat in stead of xchat-gnome (Ubuntu)

a. Remove xchat-gnome and all its (hidden) files.

sudo apt-get --purge xchat-gnome

b. Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources.
c. Check universe and multiverse repos.
d. In a terminal type:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xchat

Segmentation fault error

If you are getting an error message like "Segmentation fault (core dumped)", remove xchat-gnome's .xchat2 directory first then install XChat.

rm ~/.xchat2/* && rmdir ~/.xchat2

Getting tray balloons to work

To get tray balloons to work with XChat:

sudo apt-get install libnotify1 libnotify-bin notification-daemon

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changed February 11, 2012