XChat Charset

Charset IRC (Latin-1/UTF-8 Hybrid)

XChat 2.6.8 and above gives you a new character set choice:

IRC (Latin-1/UTF-8 Hybrid)

You can choose this in the Network List's EDIT window, or by typing:

/charset IRC

Below is a description of how it works.

Sending text:

If your text contains only characters that fit inside the CP1252 code page (aka Windows Latin-1), the entire line will be sent that way. mIRC users should see it correctly. XChat users who are using UTF-8 will also see it correctly, because it will fail UTF-8 validation and will be assumed to be CP1252, even by older XChat versions.

If the text doesn't fit inside the CP1252 code page, (for example if you type Eastern European characters, or Russian) it will be sent as UTF-8. Only UTF-8 capable clients will be able to see these characters correctly, they include:

1. XChat 2.6.8+ set to "IRC", or
2. Older XChat set to "UTF-8", but not Latin-1/ISO-8859-1(5)/CP1252, or
3. Newer mIRC set to "UTF-8", or
4. Any UTF-8 enabled client.

Receiving text:

If incoming text is valid UTF-8, it will be interpreted as such. If it fails validation, a CP1252 -> UTF-8 conversion is performed. This allows you to see non-ASCII from mIRC users (non-UTF-8) and other users sending you UTF-8.

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changed February 10, 2012