XChat CTCP Replies

Edit CTCP Replies


First open the CTCP replies menu. Settings -> Advanced -> CTCP Replies menu.
Go to the CTCP reply you want to remove and click on it. Then use the 'Delete' button to remove it.


Click the 'Add New' button.
Now you will see *NEW* in the Name column and EDIT ME in the Command column.

Remove *NEW* from the Name edit box and replace it with your CTCP name: VERSION, FINGER, CLIENTINFO, PING etc.
Remove EDIT ME from the Command edit box and replace it with your CTCP reply. Use the 'Save' button to save your new CTCP replies.


/set irc_hide_version ON

Gets rid of the default XChat VERSION reply or go to Usermenu and check 'Hide Version'.

"Huh, I don't have a Usermenu?"


/set gui_usermenu ON

Then restart XChat and voila!

Now you can test your CTCP replies on yourself first.



etc.. You could also use /VER(SION) Nick, /PING Nick

CTCP a user by typing the /CTCP command, e.g. /CTCP Nick VERSION

Older XChat versions:
Select a nick in the userlist, open the userlist menu en select CTCP.

Newer XChat versions:
New XChat versions don't come with the CTCP userlist menu anymore.
How to get the old CTCP menu.

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changed February 10, 2012