XChat Help Commands


/help -l Gives a list of help commands.

/help <command> Gives more information on a specific command.

List of /SET Variables

List of HELP commands

ADDBUTTONADDBUTTON <name> <action>, Adds a button under the user-list.
ALLCHANALLCHAN <cmd>, Sends a command to all channels on all servers.
ALLCHANLALLCHANL <cmd>, Sends a command to all channels on the current server.
ALLSERVALLSERV <cmd>, Sends a command to all servers you're in.
AWAYAWAY [<reason>], Sets you away.
BACKBACK, Sets you back (not away).
BANBAN <mask> [<bantype>], Bans everyone matching the mask from the current channel.
If they are already on the channel this doesn't kick them (needs chanop).
CHANOPTCHANOPT [-quiet] <variable> [<value&gt]
CLEARCLEAR [NUM|-NUM|ALL|HISTORY], clears the current text window,
NUM/-NUM e.g. /CLEAR 3, clears the top 3 lines of text of the current window
/CLEAR -10, clears the last 10 lines of text of the current window
ALL, clears text from all windows,
HISTORY, clears command history of current window.
CLOSECLOSE, Closes the current window/tab.
COUNTRYCOUNTRY [-s] <code|wildcard>, Finds a country code, eg: au = australia.
CTCPCTCP <nick> <message>, Send the CTCP message to nick, common messages are VERSION and USERINFO.
CYCLECYCLE [<channel>], Parts the current or given channel and immediately rejoins.
DCC GET <nick> - Accept an offered file.
DCC SEND [-maxcps=#] <nick> [file] - Send a file to someone.
DCC PSEND [-maxcps=#] <nick> [file] - Send a file using passive mode.
DCC LIST - Show DCC list.
DCC CHAT <nick> - Offer DCC CHAT to someone.
DCC PCHAT <nick> - Offer DCC CHAT using passive mode.
DCC CLOSE <type> <nick> <file> Example: /dcc close send johnsmith file.tar.gz
DEHOPDEHOP <nick>, Removes chanhalf-op status from the nick on the current channel (needs chanop).
DELBUTTONDELBUTTON <name>, Deletes a button from under the user-list.
DEOPDEOP <nick>, Removes chanop status from the nick on the current channel (needs chanop).
DEVOICEDEVOICE <nick>, Removes voice status from the nick on the current channel (needs chanop).
DISCONDISCON, Disconnects from server.
DNSDNS <nick|host|ip>, Finds a users IP number.
ECHOECHO <text>, Prints text locally.
EXECEXEC [-o] <command>, Runs the command. If -o flag is used then output is sent to current channel, else is printed to current text box.
EXECKILLEXECKILL [-9], Kills a running exec in the current session. If -9 is given the process is SIGKILL'ed.
EXECWRITEEXECWRITE, Sends data to the processes stdin.
FLUSHQFLUSHQ, Flushes the current server's send queue.
GATEGATE <host> [<port>], Proxies through a host, port defaults to 23.
GETFILEGETFILE [-folder] [-multi] [-save] <command> <title> [<initial>]
GETINTGETINT <default> <command> <prompt>
GETSTRGETSTR <default> <command> <prompt>
GHOSTGHOST <nick> <password>, Kills a ghosted nickname.
GUI APPLY -Similar to clicking OK in the settings window.
 Execute this after /SET to activate GUI changes (2.8.0+)
GUI ATTACH -Same function as "Attach Window" in the XChat menu (2.6.2+)
GUI DETACH -Same function as "Detach Tab" in the XChat menu (2.6.2+)
GUI SHOW -Show the main xchat window (if currently hidden)
GUI HIDE -Hide the main xchat window completely (this is used by the Systray plugin)
GUI FOCUS -Focus the current window or tab
GUI FLASH -Flash the taskbar button.
 It will flash only if the window isn't focused and will stop when it is focused by the user
GUI ICONIFY -Iconify (minimize to taskbar) the current xchat window
GUI COLOR n -Change the tab color of the current context, where n is a number from 0 to 3
GUI MSGBOX text -Displays a asynchronous message box with your text
GUI MENU TOGGLE -Shows/Hides the menu bar
HELPHELP <command>, Gives information about a help command, e.g. /HELP HOP
HOPHOP <nick>, Gives chanhalf-op status to the nick (needs chanop.)
IDID <password>, Identifies yourself to nickserv.
IGNOREIGNORE <mask> <types..> <options..>
mask - Hostmask to ignore, eg: *!*@*.aol.com
types - types of data to ignore, one or all of: PRIV, CHAN, NOTI, CTCP, DCC, INVI, ALL
options - NOSAVE, QUIET
INVITEINVITE <nick> [<channel>], Invites someone to a channel, by default the current channel (needs chanop).
JOINJOIN <channel>, Joins the channel.
KICKKICK <nick>, Kicks the nick from the current channel (needs chanop).
KICKBANKICKBAN <nick>, Bans then kicks the nick from the current channel (needs chanop).
KILLALLKILLALL, Immediately exit.
LAGCHECKLAGCHECK, Forces a new lag check.
LASTLOGLASTLOG <string>, Searches for a string in the buffer.
LISTLIST, Gives a list of channels on the network, /list [channel] gives channelname, useramount and topic.
LOADLOAD [-e] <file>, Loads a plugin or script.
MDEHOPMDEHOP, Mass deop's all chanhalf-ops in the current channel (needs chanop).
MDEOPMDEOP, Mass deop's all chanops in the current channel (needs chanop).
MEME <action>, Sends the action to the current channel (actions are written in the 3rd person, like /me jumps).
MENUMENU [-eX] [-i<ICONFILE>] [-k<mod>,<key>] [-m] [-pX] [-r<X,group>] [-tX] {ADD|DEL} <path> [command] [unselect command]
MKICKMKICK, Mass kicks everyone except you in the current channel (needs chanop).
MODEMODE [channel] +/- channelmode, Sets or removes channelmodes, e.g.
/mode #channel -s,
/mode #channel +o Johnny
MOPMOP, Mass op's all users in the current channel (needs chanop).
MSGMSG <nick> <message>, Sends a private message.
NAMESNAMES, Lists the nicks on the current channel.
NCTCPNCTCP <nick> <message>, Sends a ctcp notice.
NEWSERVERNEWSERVER [-noconnect] <hostname> [<port>]
NICKNICK <nickname>, Sets your nick.
NOTICENOTICE <nick/channel> <message>, Sends a notice. Notices are a type of message that should be auto reacted to.
NOTIFYNOTIFY [-n network1[,network2,...]] [<nick>], Displays your notify list or adds someone to it.
OPOP <nick>, Gives chanop status to the nick (needs chanop).
PARTPART [<channel>] [<reason>], Leaves the channel, by default the current one.
PINGPING <nick | channel>, CTCP pings nick or channel.
QUERYQUERY <nick>, Opens up a new privmsg window to someone.
QUITQUIT [<reason>], Disconnects from the current server.
QUOTEQUOTE <text>, Sends the text in raw form to the server.
RECONNECTRECONNECT [-ssl] [<host>] [<port>] [<password>], Can be called just as
/RECONNECT to reconnect to the current server or with /RECONNECT ALL to reconnect to all the open servers.
RECVRECV <text>, Sends raw data to xchat, as if it was received from the irc server.
SAYSAY <text>, Sends the text to the object in the current window.
SENDSEND <nick> [<file>]
SERVCHANSERVCHAN [-ssl] <host> <port> <channel>, Connects and joins a channel.
SERVERSERVER [-ssl] <host> [<port>] [<password>], Connects to a server, the default port is 6667 for normal connections, and 9999 for ssl connections.
SETSET [-e] [-or] [-quiet] <variable> [<value>]
SETTABSETTAB <name>, Changes the name of the current tab.
SPLAYSPLAY <soundfile>
TIMERTIMER [-refnum ] [-repeat ] , Delays or repeats a command/message.
TIMER [-quiet] -delete , Deletes timer.
TOPICTOPIC [<topic>], Sets the topic if one is given, else shows the current topic.
TRAY -f <timeout> <file1> [<file2>] -Flash tray between two icons.
TRAY -f <filename> -Set tray to a fixed icon.
TRAY -i <number> -Flash tray with an internal icon.
TRAY -t <text> -Set the tray tooltip.
TRAY -b <title> <text> -Set the tray balloon.
UNBANUNBAN <mask> [<mask>...], Unbans the specified masks.
UNLOADUNLOAD <name>, Unloads a plugin or script.
URLURL <url>, Opens a url in your browser.
USELECTUSELECT [-a] [-s] <nick1> <nick2> etc, Highlights nick(s) in channel userlist.
USERLISTUSERLIST [channel], Gives a list of users in the given channel, with ov (@+),
away and lt(last talked in secs) info.
VOICEVOICE <nick>, Gives voice status to someone (needs chanop).
WALLCHANWALLCHAN <message>, Writes the message to all channels.
WALLCHOPWALLCHOP <message>, Sends the message to all chanops on the current channel.
Version 2.8.6/7

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