XChat SET Variables


/set <variable_name> <option>


/set irc_invisible on

Toggle invisible mode (umode +i).

/gui apply

Execute this after /set to activate GUI changes.


/set irc_conf_mode on

Hides join/part/quits messages permanently for all channels.

/gui apply

Applies the setting without you having to part/rejoin the channels for it to work.

Settings will be saved on clean quit.

List of /HELP Commands

Most searched

gui_tray_flags Set tray flags.
gui_tweaks Set gui tweaks.
gui_url_mod How to handle URLs when clicked.
irc_conf_mode Toggle hiding of join, part and quit messages.

List of SET Variables

auto_saveToggle auto saving of xchat's config on exit.
auto_save_urlAuto save URLs before quitting to <cfgdir>/url.save.
away_auto_unmarkToggle automatically unmarking away before message send.
away_reasonDefault away reason.
away_show_messageToggle announcing of away messages.
away_show_onceShow identical away messages only once.
away_size_maxHow many users can be away in userlist before they are not colored.
away_timeoutHow often in seconds to check for max size for colors in userlist.
away_trackToggle color change for away users in userlist.
completion_amountHow many nicks starting with input there should be before all are shown in text box.
(E.g. if you have 'k' and completion_amount is set to 6, and there are 6 more nicks beginning with 'k' in the userlist, then all of the nicks starting with 'k' are shown in the text box)
completion_autoToggle automatic nick completion.
completion_sortToggle nick completion sorting in "last talk" order.
completion_suffixSuffix to be appended to nicks after completion.
dcc_auto_chatToggle auto accept for DCC chats.
dcc_auto_resumeToggle auto resume of DCC transfers.
dcc_auto_sendHow to accept DCC transfers.
0=Do not Auto Accept
1=Auto Accept
2=Browse for Folder
dcc_blocksizeThe blocksize for DCC transfers.
dcc_completed_dirDirectory to move completed files to.
dcc_dccserver_portPort for DCCSERVER to run on.
(DCCSERVER is off is port is a negative number and on if it is a positive)
(On patched builds only)
dcc_dirDirectory to download files to from DCC.
dcc_fast_sendToggle speed up of DCC transfers by not waiting to heard if last part was received before sending next.
dcc_global_max_get_cpsMax file transfer speed for all downloads combined in bytes per second.
dcc_global_max_send_cpsMax file transfer speed for all uploads combined in bytes per second.
dcc_ipDCC IP address to bind to.
dcc_ip_from_serverGet address from IRC server.
dcc_max_get_cpsMax file transfer speed for one download in bytes per second.
dcc_max_send_cpsMax file transfer speed for one upload in bytes per second.
dcc_permissionsWhat permissions to set on received files.
(It's a CHMOD value in decimal, e.g. to CHMOD a file to 644, which is octal, you need to set dcc_permissions to 420, which is it's decimal equivalent)
dcc_port_firstFirst DCC port in range.
(Leave ports at 0 for full range)
dcc_port_lastLast DCC port in range.
(Leave ports at 0 for full range)
dcc_removeToggle automatic removal of finished/failed DCCs.
dcc_save_nickToggle saving of nicks in filenames.
dcc_send_fillspacesReplace spaces in filenames with underscores.
dcc_serverToggle DCCSERVER.
(Win32 Official Build Only)
dcc_server_portPort to run DCCSERVER on.
(Win32 Official Build Only)
dcc_stall_timeoutTime in seconds to wait before timing out during a DCC send.
dcc_timeoutTime in seconds to wait before timing out a DCC transfer waiting to be accepted.
dnsprogramProgram to be used for DNS.
flood_ctcp_numNumber of CTCPs within flood_ctcp_time to be considered a flood.
flood_ctcp_timeTime in seconds for use with flood_ctcp_num.
flood_msg_numNumber of messages within flood_msg_time to be considered a flood.
flood_msg_timeTime in seconds for use with flood_msg_num.
gui_auto_open_chatToggle auto opening of Direct Chat Window on DCC Chat.
gui_auto_open_dialogToggle auto opening of dialog windows.
gui_auto_open_recvToggle auto opening of transfer window on DCC Recv.
gui_auto_open_sendToggle auto opening of transfer window on DCC Send.
gui_dialog_heightNew dialog height in pixels.
gui_dialog_leftThe X co-ordinance of dialogs when opened.
gui_dialog_topThe Y co-ordinance of dialogs when opened.
gui_dialog_widthNew dialog width in pixels.
gui_hide_menuHide or unhide menu bar.
gui_input_spellToggle spell checking.
gui_input_styleToggle use of text box colors and fonts in input box.
gui_join_dialogToggle join dialog after connect.
gui_lagometerToggle types of Lag-O-Meters.
gui_mode_buttonsToggle mode buttons.
gui_pane_left_sizeChange size left pane.
gui_pane_right_sizeChange size right pane.
gui_quit_dialogToggle quit dialog.
gui_slist_selectThe number of the server to select by default in the server list starting at 0. (E.g. to select the 67th server, set it to 66)
gui_slist_skipToggle server list on startup.
gui_throttlemeterToggle types of throttle meters.
gui_topicbarToggle topic bar.
gui_trayEnable system tray icon.
gui_tray_flagsSet tray flags.
1=Hide to tray on exit
2=Don't show balloons unless hidden or iconified
4=Minimize to tray

Add the numbers up if you want to use more than one of these options, e.g. set to 6 to enable option 2 and 4.

Add to current bit mask: /set -or gui_tray_flags <n>
Add to current bit mask: /set -on gui_tray_flags <n>
Remove from current bit mask: /set -off gui_tray_flags <n>
gui_tweaksSet gui tweaks.
   1=Show useramount in titlebar
   2=Hide button next to your nickname
   4=Swap the middle and left panes (allows side-by-side userlist/tree)
   8=Disable tree-view dotted connecting lines
  16=Show channel modes in titlebar when key is set
  32=Smaller treeview/userlist row spacing (compact mode) (2.8.6+)
  64=Disable userlist icons (use text symbols) (2.8.7d+)
128=Disable text attribute button (2.8.7e+)

Add the numbers up if you want to use more than one of these options, e.g. set to 42 to enable option 2,8 and 32.

Add to current bit mask: /set -or gui_tweaks <n>
Add to current bit mask: /set -on gui_tweaks <n>
Remove from current bit mask: /set -off gui_tweaks <n>
gui_ulist_buttonsToggle userlist buttons.
gui_ulist_doubleclickCommand to run upon double click of user in userlist.
gui_ulist_hideHides userlist.
gui_ulist_posSet userlist position.
gui_ulist_resizableToggle resizable userlist.
gui_ulist_show_hostsToggle user's hosts displaying in userlist.
gui_ulist_sortHow to sort users in the userlist.
0=A-Z with Ops first
2=A-Z with Ops last
gui_ulist_styleToggle use of text box colors and fonts in userlist.
gui_url_modHow to handle URLs when clicked. (And what to hold.)
0=Left Click Only
2=Caps Lock
gui_usermenuToggle editable usermenu.
gui_win_heightMain window height in pixels.
gui_win_leftThe X co-ordinance of main window when opened.
gui_win_saveToggles saving of state on exit.
gui_win_stateDefault state of the main window.
0=Not Maximized
gui_win_topThe Y co-ordinance of main window when opened.
gui_win_widthMain window width in pixels.
identdToggle internal IDENTD.
(Win32 Only)
input_balloon_chansShow tray balloons on channel messages.
input_balloon_hilightShow tray balloons on highlighted messages.
input_balloon_privShow tray balloons on private messages.
input_balloon_timeSet balloons appearing time.
input_beep_chansToggle beep on channel messages.
input_beep_hilightToggle beep on highlighted messages.
input_beep_msgToggle beep on private messages.
input_command_charCharacter used to execute commands.
(E.g. if set to '[' then you would use commands like '[me jumps around')
input_filter_beepToggle filtering of beeps sent by others.
input_flash_chansToggle whether or not to flash taskbar on channel messages.
input_flash_hilightToggle whether or not to flash taskbar on highlighted messages.
input_flash_privToggle whether or not to flash taskbar on private messages.
input_perc_asciiToggle interpreting of %nnn as ASCII value.
input_perc_colorToggle interpreting of %C, %B as color, bold, etc.
input_tray_chansBlink tray icon on channel messages.
input_tray_hilightBlink tray icon on highlighted messages.
input_tray_privBlink tray icon on private messages.
irc_auto_rejoinToggle auto rejoining when kicked.
irc_ban_typeThe default ban type to use for all bans.
irc_conf_modeToggle hiding of join, part and quit messages. (More info)
0=Show join/part/quits
1=Hide join/part/quits
irc_extra_hilightExtra words to highlight on.
irc_hide_versionToggle hiding of VERSION reply.
irc_id_ntext$4 in the channel message, channel message hilight and private message events if unidentified.
irc_id_ytext$4 in the channel message, channel message hilight and private message events if identified.
irc_invisibleToggle invisible mode (+i).
irc_join_delayHow long to delay auto-joining a channel after connect.
irc_loggingToggle logging.
irc_logmaskMask used to create log filenames. (Strftime)
irc_nick1First choice nick.
irc_nick2Second choice nick.
irc_nick3Third choice nick.
irc_nick_hilightWhat nicks to highlight when they talk.
irc_no_hilightNicks not to highlight on.
irc_part_reasonDefault reason when leaving channel.
irc_quit_reasonDefault quit reason.
irc_raw_modesToggle RAW channel modes.
irc_real_nameReal name to be sent to server.
irc_servernoticeToggle receiving of server notices.
irc_skip_motdToggle skipping of server MOTD.
irc_user_nameUsername to be sent to server.
irc_wallopsToggle receiving wallops.
irc_who_joinToggle running WHO after joining channel.
irc_whois_frontToggle whois results being sent to currently active tab.
net_auto_reconnectToggle auto reconnect to server.
net_auto_reconnectonfailToggle auto reconnect upon failed connection.
net_bind_hostNetwork address to bind XChat to.
net_ping_timeoutHow long server ping has to be to timeout.
net_proxy_authToggle proxy authentication.
net_proxy_hostProxy host to use.
net_proxy_passPassword to use if proxy authentication is turned on.
net_proxy_portPort to use for proxy host.
net_proxy_typeType of proxy to use.
5=MS Proxy (ISA)
net_proxy_useWhat to use proxies for (if set).
1=IRC Only
2=DCC Only
net_proxy_userUsername to use if proxy authentication is turned on.
net_reconnect_delayHow many seconds to wait before reconnection.
net_throttleToggle flood protection (to keep from getting kicked).
notify_timeoutHow often in seconds to check for users in your notify list.
notify_whois_onlineToggle performing WHOIS on users on your notify list when they come online.
perl_warningsToggle perl warnings.
(Recommended left to OFF)
sound_commandCommand to use to run sounds.
sound_dirDirectory where sounds are located.
stamp_logToggle timestamps in logs.
stamp_log_formatFormat to use for log timestamps. (Strftime)
stamp_textToggle timestamps in text box.
stamp_text_formatFormat to use for timestamps in textbox. (Strftime)
tab_chansOpen channels in tabs instead of windows.
tab_dialogsOpen dialogs in tabs instead of windows.
tab_iconsToggle treeview icons.
(Win32 Official build only)
tab_layoutUse treeview or tabs.
tab_new_to_frontWhen to focus new tabs.
2=Only on requested tabs
tab_noticesOpen up extra tabs for server notices.
tab_posSet position of tabs.
tab_serverOpen an extra tab for server messages.
tab_smallSet small tabs.
1=Small tabs
2=Extra small tabs
tab_sortToggle alphabetical sorting of tabs.
tab_truncNumber or letters to shorten tab names to.
tab_utilsOpen utils in tabs instead of windows.
tab_xpToggle Windows-XP style tabs.
(Win32 Official build only)
text_backgroundSets the background image for text box.
text_color_nicksToggle colored nicks.
text_emoticonsToggle graphical smilies.
(Win32 Official build only)
text_fontFont to be used.
text_indentToggle text indentation.
text_max_indentMax pixels to indent text with.
text_max_linesMax number or scrollback lines.
text_replayReloads conversation buffers on next startup.
text_show_markerToggle red marker line feature.
text_show_sepToggle separator line.
text_stripcolorToggle strip colors.
1=Strip messages (Win32 2.8.7+)
2=Strip topic (Win32 2.8.7+)
3=Strip both (Win32 2.8.7+)
text_thin_sepUse thin separator line instead of thick line.
text_tint_blueTint of blue to use for transparency settings.
text_tint_greenTint of green to use for transparency settings.
text_tint_redTint of red to use for transparency settings.
text_transparentToggle transparent background.
text_wordwrapToggle wordwrap.
Version 2.8.7/8

Modified and updated by Yvonne.
If there are any (spelling)mistakes or things missing please let me know.

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