XChat Timers

How to use /TIMER

Usage: TIMER [-refnum <num>] [-repeat <num>] <seconds> <command>
TIMER [-quiet] -delete <num>

The commands between the square brackets are optional.

-refnum <num>Gives the timer a number, handy if you use more than one timer
-repeat <num>How many times do you want the timer to repeat the command/msg
<seconds>How many seconds before the next repeat
<command>Command or message
-quietDoes not show "Timer <num> deleted." output in current window
-deleteDeletes the timer

E.g.: /TIMER 10 join #xchat
Will let you join #xchat after 10 seconds.
Because the options -refnum <num> and -repeat <num> were not used here this timer gets number 1 and will only execute once.

"/TIMER" will show the current timer(s) you have set in the current window.
Ref#    Seconds    Repeat    Command
    1           10.0             1         join #xchat

#Example - Simple anti-idle timer

If you whois a user you can also see what his idle time is (how long he has been inactive/away from the computer).
Tip: Sometimes the idle time will not show. To see users idle times use the nick twice in the /whois command.

e.g.: /WHOIS John John
[John] idle 21:04:50, signon: Wed Jul 16 16:07:23
This means John has not been active for 21 hours, 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

If you don't want others to see your idle time you could set up an anti-idle timer.
This anti-idle timer is set to 60 secs so your idle time will never show higher than 60 seconds.

To set up a simple anti idle timer you could use something like this: /TIMER -refnum 2 -repeat 1000 60 msg <yournick> anti-idle
/TIMERCommand to start the timer
-refnum 2 The timer number is 2 - You can skip "-refnum" if you don't use any other timers, the timer will then get number 1
-repeat 1000This means the timer will repeat itself 1000 times
60The timer will execute every 60 seconds
msg <yournick> anti-idleThis will give an "anti-idle" message in your own private window (pm), you could also send it to a non-existing channel, "msg #pzxhqy anti-idle"

"/TIMER" will show the current timer(s) you have set in the current window.
Ref#    Seconds    Repeat    Command
    2           60.0         1000   msg yournick anti-idle

To delete this timer use: /TIMER -delete 2
You will get this message in your current window: "Timer 2 deleted.". If you don't want to see this message use the -quiet option:
"/TIMER -quiet -delete 2"

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changed February 11, 2012