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What is XChat?

XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows.
It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chatrooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc.
Even file transfers are possible.

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Windows releases have an odd version number.
Linux/Unix releases have an even version number.

Current releases:

Windows   XChat 2.8.9   Released: 28/Aug/2010   Info   Download
Linux/Unix   XChat 2.8.8   Released: 30/May/2010   Info   Download


SVN   XChat 2.8.8+1     Info


For extra assistance please visit XChat's Forum or XChat's help channel #xchat on Freenode.
XChat -> Network List (or Ctrl+S) -> Select Freenode in the Network list -> Click 'Connect' then type:

/join #xchat


XChatData.net is a new site in wiki style, created by LifeIsPain, that provides helpful links and extra documentation for XChat.
Check it out here --> XChatData.net

Add a Network Hide join/part/quit messages Sending files behind a firewall
Auto connect at startup Ignore/Unignore Separate multiple commands
Auto join channels at startup Timers Show Mode chars ~ @ % + in front of the nick
Auto Replace List of HELP commands Strftime - Log/Time stamp format
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Charset IRC Network List Themes
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Copy/paste with timestamp and/or color     Popups Unhide/Retrieve the Menu Bar
CTCP Replies Query on doubleclick Unhide/Retrieve the Userlist
Downloads Screenshots Use different nicks for each network
Edit Network Spell-checking What does %C, %B, %U, %H and %O mean?
Favorite Channels(Auto-Join List) Select multiple users in the userlist What does $t, $1, $2, $3 and $4 mean?
User Commands Execute multiple commands on connect Aliases
xchat-gnome!=xchat How to use a /TIMER command Kick/Kickban+Reason in Userlist menu
Buttons Dialog Buttons Userlist Buttons

XChat 2.8.9 (Windows Version) Released


XChat 2.8.9 for Windows released!

What's new?
New features

XChat 2.8.8 (Linux Version) Released


XChat 2.8.8 for Linux/Unix released!

What's new?

Linux Mint - How to disable autoconnect SpotChat/#linuxmint

On Linux Mint XChat is configured by default to connect to SpotChat Network and to autojoin channel #linuxmint.
To disable this autoconnect/join feature check XChat's menubar and choose XChat -> Network List or type CTRL+S.
Select the network XChat automatically connects to (SpotChat) and click button 'Edit' on the right.
Uncheck 'Auto connect to this network at startup'.
Close the edit window with the 'Close' button.
Close the Network List with the 'Close' button.
Restart XChat et voilĂ , XChat won't automatically throw you in a channel full of strange people again! :)

Info XChat on Linux Mint: Linux Mint Wiki - XChat
Info XChat Start & Connect: XChat Start/Connect

Dots or text symbols in userlist

It is now possible to disable the userlist dots and use text symbols in stead.

Versions: 2.8.7d/e/f + SVN

Set Variables - gui_tweaks

XChat 2.8.6 (Linux Version) Released


XChat 2.8.6 for Linux/Unix released!

What's new?

*NEW* XChat Themes


Pimp your XChat!


XChat 2.8.7 (Windows Version) Released


XChat 2.8.7 for Windows released!

What's new?
New features

15/Apr/2008 Update: 2.8.7a
07/Jun/2008 Update: 2.8.7b
14/Jun/2008 Update: 2.8.7c
30/Dec/2008 Update: 2.8.7d
18/Jan/2009 Update: 2.8.7e
16/Aug/2009 Update 2.8.7f

xchat-gnome is NOT XChat

Note to Ubuntu (GNOME) users:

xchat-gnome is NOT XChat.

How to install XChat
a. Remove xchat-gnome and all its (hidden) files.

sudo apt-get --purge xchat-gnome

b. Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources.
c. Check universe and multiverse repos.
d. In a terminal type:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xchat

If you are getting an error message like "Segmentation fault (core dumped)", remove xchat-gnome's .xchat2 directory first then install XChat.

rm ~/.xchat2/* && rmdir ~/.xchat2

To get tray balloons to work with XChat:

sudo apt-get install libnotify1 libnotify-bin notification-daemon


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